Summer is approaching fast, and it’s time for pool parties, vacations, and red-hot summer sunsets. So why do you feel so…blue?

Mental health problems can affect you at any time of the year, even during the lazy days of summer. If you have been feeling persistently sad, overwhelmed, or hopeless for more than two weeks, you may want to take a mental health screening for depression. Additional symptoms of depression include fatigue, insomnia or oversleeping, irritability, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, unexplained physical problems, and loss of interest in hobbies or other activities.

A screening will help you determine what types of issues you may be experiencing and offer advice on how to proceed. Click here to begin your free and confidential online screening. Remember, the results of your screening are not an official diagnosis, so you should talk to a mental health professional before starting any type of treatment plan.

If you took a screening and the results indicate that you are at risk for a mental health condition, such as depression, or a substance abuse disorder, seek help. Like with many medical conditions, it is best to address behavioral health issues early on. Call Centerstone at (618) 462-2331 (Alton office) or (618) 639-2010 (Jerseyville office) to set up an appointment. We’ll help you take your summer back.