What are child and family services and what are they for? Children and adolescents respond differently to problems than adults. Signs that your child may need help include mood swings, changes in sleep or eating habits, problems at school, and loss of interest in activities. Parents, guardians and families are often the first to identify that a child is struggling and are an important part of helping him or her. Strong families help develop resilient children. Centerstone can assist in ensuring the best possible future for your child and family.

Access Services

For many, same day access to services for children and families is available. Walk in to our Alton or Jerseyville offices, Monday-Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.You and your child will meet with an Access Specialist to talk about what type of help is needed for your family.

Those with private health insurance must first pre-qualify for services – please call us at (618) 462-2331 (Alton) or (618) 639-2010 (Jerseyville) prior to your arrival.

Crisis Services for Children

If your child is at risk of harming themselves or another person, and you have no health coverage or have Medicaid medical coverage, crisis services must be accessed through the CARES line at (800) 345-9049.

In Madison County, Centerstone will be contacted to assist you through SASS services (see SASS below). In Jerseyville, Locust Street Resources will be contacted to screen your child, and will offer SASS services to your family.

Child or Family Counseling Services

Individual and group counseling services are available for children and families. A specially trained counselor or therapist will meet with your child, and you, during your sessions. The point of each meeting is to learn more about the problem and work together to develop new techniques for solving the issues. Keep in mind that sometimes meeting in a group maybe more productive than meeting one-on-one. Each session usually last about 50 minutes and may include some work for home. These services are available at both our Alton and Jerseyville locations.

We pride ourselves on being a national leader for depression treatment and other mental health services. Learn more now about how Centerstone can assist with medications and counseling services to manage symptoms and your daily life.

Psychiatric and Medical Services

Centerstone has a team of trained doctors and nurses who will evaluate your child and prescribe medicine that can help your child’s needs. Some conditions respond well to medicine, and medicine can be used to reduce and manage symptoms as well as improve quality of life. Services are available in Alton and Jerseyville.

School-based Services

In collaboration with some area schools, a counselor works closely with students, teachers, and school social workers to meet a child’s needs. The goal is to identify issues early and prevent problems later in life. This service is offered in Alton and Roxana, call (618) 462-2331 for more information.

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS)

SASS serves children who have no health coverage or who have Medicaid coverage and who are at risk of a psychiatric hospitalization. Family support, counseling, crisis intervention and skill building are offered in community settings such as schools and the home. The goal is to develop family skills and supports and meet the child’s needs in the least restrictive environment. SASS Services are available 24 hours per day seven days per week by calling the CARES line at (800) 345-9049.

Centerstone offers SASS services in Madison County only. However, Jersey and Calhoun County children and families can access non-emergency, community based services through Centerstone, call (618) 639-2010. Jersey and Calhoun County residents can access SASS services from Locust Street Resource Center by calling the CARES line at (800) 345-9049.

Wellness and Recovery Services (Community Support)

Children and families can participate in group and individual sessions to develop healthy families and successful students. Services include group and individual counseling, skill development and conflict resolution training. These supports are offered following SASS and also to children and families who qualify for services and are not enrolled in SASS.

Services are provided in natural settings such as the home or school. The focus is on individual and family strengths, goals and plans. Skilled therapists will provide support and connect children and families to available resources. Available to children and families in Alton and Jerseyville.

Centerstone provides services at fees that consider overall income. Insurance and Medicaid co-pays are due at the time that services are provided. In certain cases, payment arrangements can be made with prior approval. For more information, please speak with your service provider and our billing staff.